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Jenks Productions, LLC.
205 East High Street
East Hampton, CT 06424

Phone: 860.918.0891
Toll Free: 877.721.0628

MA Office: 508.362.2745
Direct Fax: 860.529.7418

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May 29, 2023


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Jenks Productions, LLC. (formerly Osborne Jenks Productions, LLC.)
Exhibition and Trade Show Management

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Pet Shows & Expos, Pet Trade Show Management

Jenks Productions, LLC. produces the largest and most popular consumer pet shows on the East Coast. This pet show series is a dynamic showcase of pet products & pet services, as well as a wide variety of rare and beautiful animals. Pet lovers look forward to our annual events for a great, fun-filled family time! Not only will you see purebred dogs and cats, but also meet dozens of shelter and rescue groups, hoping to find loving homes for lovable "pound pups" and "kennel kitties". Plus shop for exotic, one-of-a-kind pet products and crafts, and learn more about the many pet services available in your area.

The exhibit venues are found throughout the northeast in some of the most affluent and densely populated regions including:

  • Hartford, Connecticut
  • Providence, Rhode Island

Our pet shows and expos offer direct marketers opportunities with thousands of qualified leads, in your target market and consistently driven to your "Storefront" from our extensive advertising and marketing campaigns. and Charmagne "Charlee" Harris will create an atmosphere of successful event, expo and trade show management and advertising opportunities that will encourage and promote success within your business!

Call us today at 877.721.0628 for Pet Show trade show opportunities and get exposure for your business.

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