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Home Resources and Links: Insulation and Energy Efficiency

  • Alliance to Save Energy - Consumer tips on lowering energy costs. Home energy checkup, power smart, clearing the air, and appliance olympics.
  • Appliance Standards Awareness Project - Report on the latest improvements that increase efficiency in appliances. Current lobbying efforts to enact more efficient standards for central air conditioners, clothes washers, flourescent ballasts and water heaters.
  • Buy Energy Efficient - Provides information about the economic, environmental and health benefits of buying energy efficient products for the home.
  • CertainTeed Corporation - In-depth articles on insulation, windows, roofing, siding, and ventilation. Includes analysis, selection, installation, and safety.
  • Consortium for Energy Efficiency - Information on energy-saving opportunities for appliances, lighting, air conditioning systems and gas heating.
  • Consumer Assistance Handbook: Home Energy Efficiency - Ohio Consumers Council provides tips on reading electric and gas meters, understanding appliance ratings, and efficient home heating and lighting.
  • Consumer Energy Information - U.S. Department of Energy site with tips on improving efficiency.
  • Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings - Home energy checklist for action, top rated appliances for 1999, highlights from the publication, and order form.
  • Do It Yourself Home Weatherizing Tips - Weatherizing audit, caulking, window treatments and weatherstripping.
  • Dulley House Insulation Guide - Where to insulate and what materials to use. Calculate R-values for walls, attics and crawl spaces.
  • Energy Advisor - Utilizes homeowner zip code to provide charts showing energy costs for average house and energy efficient house. Lists suggested upgrades based on local weather patterns.
  • Energy Efficiency - Appliance usage chart, operating cost calculator, and specific tips on improving efficiency.
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network - Topics include lighting, appliances, and heating and cooling equipment; insulation and other weatherization materials; high-performance windows; automatic and "smart" controls; solar buildings; community programs; and related codes and standards.
  • Energy Efficient Mortgage Handbook - A comprehensive handbook for buyers, lenders and realtors on energy efficient mortgages underwriting and the secondary mortgage market.
  • Energy Quest - California Energy Commission's energy and environmental education site for students, parents and teachers. Materials for students from kindergarten through high school. Games, puzzles, science projects on energy and other challenging information.
  • Energy Star - Created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to help consumers save money and prevent air pollution. Includes list of qualifying products, contractor selection tips, and contacts for low interest loans for upgrading to high efficiency equipment.
  • - Energy analyzer tool. After answering questions about home construction, occupants, and appliances the analyzer provides breakdown and charts showing energy usage and areas that can be improved.
  • For Your Home - Owens Corning - Everything from new construction to remodeling to insulating projects to efficiency checklist. Personal Project file holds information about different Owens Corning products that can be printed out for purchasing or planning.
  • Furnace Efficiencies - Calculate energy savings utiliziing previous energy costs and efficiency of rating of furnace.
  • Glurk - Provides customized tips based on a simple questionnaire. Pages of tips for household appliances.
  • Guidelines for Incorporating Energy Efficiency - U.S. Department of Energy report for rebuilding homes damaged by flood. Useful tips for any large remodel project.
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters - Energy-saving alternative for home hot water. In-depth article details the technology, provides a case study, and provides a list of suppliers.
  • Home Energy Audit - Ten step quick appraisal to check household efficiency.
  • Home Energy, the Magazine of Residential Conservation - Archive of past issues, subscription form.
  • Improving Home Energy Efficiency - Information on energy use in typical Florida homes and how the energy efficiency of Florida homes can be best improved. Includes discussion on typical performance, cooling and heating load sources, windows, and ductwork.
  • Insulation Chart - Tips on determining insulation needs along with a map of recommended R-values for new construction houses.
  • Insulation Fact Sheet - Detailed information on everything from determining insulation needs, to selecting products, to installation methods.
  • Making it Happen - Module to help homeowners capitalize on the energy savings opportunities identified by the Energy Advisor module. No regrets remodeling, no-cost and low-cost measures, installation, financing, and case studies.
  • Million Solar Roofs - Initiative to enable businesses and communities to install solar systems on one million rooftops across the United States by 2010. Links to federal and state government incentive plans.
  • New York Energy $mart Web Site - Energy saving tips to beat the heat, the Energy Smart University teaches about energy use, energy industry deregulation, and energy efficiency. Tools to conduct a home Energy Analysis.
  • Partnership for Advanced Technologies in Housing - Voluntary initiative that seeks to accelerate the creation and widespread use of advanced technologies to improve the quality, durability, environmental performance, energy efficiency, and affordability of housing.
  • Reduce Swimming Pool Energy Costs - Includes pool energy fact sheets, evaporation studies, and a list of manufacturers. Download software program "Energy Smart Pools" a program designed to give pool owners an analysis of their pool's current energy consumption and project the potential savings to be realized by implementing a variety of energy management systems.
  • Renters Guide To Saving Energy - Energy and water conservation tips for the home and business.
  • Residential Energy Efficiency Database - Savings guide; construction; site, solar, and house plans; attics, insulation and vapor barriers.
  • Residential Wind Energy - Brief overview on purchasing and operation of a residential wind turbine.
  • Simply Insulate - Information on fiberglass insulation and links to energy efficiency programs in various states.
  • Small Wind Systems - AWEA - Industry standards, success stories, mailing list, and equipment providers.
  • Southface Energy Institute - Technical bulletins focused on energy conservation. Everything from sealing ductwork to choosing a system to blower door and duct-blaster testing.
  • Styrofoam Insulation - Provides tools to select products for new home construction and remodeling.
  • Terminology of Energy Efficiency Economics - Definitions and terminology related to energy efficiency, economics, financing, real estate and the mortgage industry.
  • Thermostats - Detailed fact sheet from U.S. Department of Energy. Covers automatic and programmable models. Description of types, operation and other considerations.
  • U.S. Energy Information Administration - Energy Information Administration (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Energy Statistics, Data, and Analysis
  • The Weatherization Pages - Resource on using cellulose insulation and moisture barriers in attics, walls, and basements to improve safety, comfort, fuel conservation and environmental health in old and new homes. Principles, practice, solutions, case studies, and do it yourself advice.

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