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Home Resources and Links: Lawn Care Equipment and Services

  • Aerating Lawns - Clemson Extension fact sheet on aerating lawns to improve turf grass health and increase drought tolerance.
  • All About Lawncare - Complete information and content on care and treatment of your lawn, including lawn problems, mowing fertilizers, diseases, watering and more.
  • All About Lawns - A source for lawn care information.
  • Allexperts : Lawn Care - Volunteer experts answer one-on-one questions about lawn care.
  • Ask Ashton For Lawn Care Advice - Submit your lawn care question and receive a response within 48 hours.
  • Ask Earl, The Yard-Care Answer Guy - Allows users to ask questions about specific lawncare problems.
  • Ask The Expert - University of Illinois service regarding lawn care needs.
  • Gardening ornamental grasses - Information sheet on adding ornament grasses to your yard and garden.
  • Grass Snatcher - Biodegradable "kraft" liner bags for your lawn mower rear grass-catcher! Developed to make discarding lawn mower clippings cleaner and faster.
  • How to Plant a Lawn - Information about yards, grass, and lawns.
  • - Lawn care information and useful tips, download free 80page lawn care book (pdf), search our database for a lawn care professional near you.
  • Lawn and Landscape Digest - Newsletter detailing selection, care and maintenance of lawns.
  • Lawn and Landscape Magazine - Offers articles, an online trade show and a supplier directory.
  • Lawn Care - Information on planting and caring for a lawn.
  • Lawn care tips for the winter season - Information sheet for people in those zones where lawns are grown during the winter months.
  • Lawn Care With The Scotts Company - Lawn advice and tips including what to do now, and what products to apply. Sign up for Scotts' e-mail newsletter on lawn care.
  • Lawn disease control - Information sheet on lawn diseases and their prevention.
  • Lawn Links - Instructions on lawn maintenance.
  • Lawn Mower Net - Links to lawn mower sites.
  • Lawn Mower Repair Shop - Offers answers to common lawn mower problems.
  • Lawn Sprinklers Network - A directory and discussion forum on turf irrigation and lawn sprinklers.
  • Lawn Talk - Fact sheets detailing a range of topics when caring for lawns.
  • - Help on choosing the right grass for lawns.
  • 4Lawns - 4anything's guide to lawns.
  • - Offers user hundreds of guru approved tips and links related to the different aspects with caring for a lawn, supplies needed, and other helpful tips in caring and creating a lawn. Also includes links to other lawn-related resources on the internet.
  • Low and Slow Fescues - About the advantages and cultivation of fine fescue grasses. From the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
  • - Lawn care website including a national directory of lawn care providers, a lawn care forum and chat room.
  • The Old Lawn Mower Club - A club for people with an interest in vintage lawn mowers.
  • Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler - Many close-up photos explain how an oscillating lawn sprinkler mechanism really works.
  • - Lawns - Links to lawn care.
  • - Rate pictures of lawns and gardens around the world, or post your photo for others to rate your yard.
  • Roberts Seed Company - Cool season turfgrass information.
  • Safe Lawn Care - Girl-Scout Gold Award project regarding the dangers of using pesticides and other chemicals in lawn care. Includes some alternative lawn care methods.
  • Soak-A-Lawn Sprinklers - Sprinklers for both the lawn and garden.
  • Sof-Soil Manufacturing - Offers liquid soil treatment for lawn and garden use that reduces compaction and improves water penetration. Works great in heavy or clay soil.
  • Sprinkler Warehouse - Online store for irrigation and sprinkler supplies and parts.
  • Swisher Mowers - Mower manufacturer in Warrensburg, Missouri.
  • Take The Lawn Challenge - University of Illinois Extension guide to lawn care; includes helpful hints and quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Tractor Buddy - A garden tractor attachment that holds a bucket for picking up stuff while you mow.
  • Turfsite - Offers concise advise on seeding a lawn and maintaining it thereafter.
  • Turf-Tec International - Manufactures diagnostic tools for golf courses superintendents, sports turf managers and homeowners.
  • Type of lawn grass - Learn the types of lawn grass work in which types of yards and environments. How do you know which type is right for you?
  • Weed Debate Discussion Board - Discussion board for views or questions on anything connected with identifying or controlling weeds in an amenity situation.
  • What's The Best Lawnmower - Lawn mower buying guide offering reviews of different mowers.
  • Yetman's Lawn & Garden Directory - A comprehensive directory of lawn and garden power equipment resources and utilities.

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