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Pet Resources and Links: Animal Trainers

  • - Pet Training - Get news, advice, links, and perspective from experts.
  • Animal Behavior Problems - Christina Crawfis offers consultations to alter and improve behavior of problem pets.
  • Animal Behavior Services - Doctor of psychobiology, Joanne Oliva-Purdy, offers services managing animal behavior. Specializing in parrots, cats and zoo animals.
  • Animla Behavior University - School for dog trainers.
  • Applied Ethology - Resources page dedicated to the study of animal behaviour, particularly that of domestic animals or animals kept in captivity. Articles on various behaviour problems, in cats, dogs and horses.
  • Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors-APBC - Pet behaviour counseling as a career, calendar of seminars, and articles on pet behaviour and training.
  • Atlanta Kennel and Training - Training and Boarding for Dogs and Cats.
  • BehavioRx Pet Behavior Resources - Resources for canine, feline, and equine owners regarding pet behavior and modification. Includes a guide to select a pet behavior consultant.
  • Cambridge Center - In conjunction with animal trainers, an excellent overview of positive reinforcement techniques being used by professional animal trainers and in zoos, and how these same techniques can easily be applied with the family pet.
  • Contech Eletronics Inc. - Electronic and sprinkler animal training and repelling devices. Forum and searchable database of pet and pest repellent products.
  • Creature Teacher - The Creature Teacher, located in the Boston Massachusetts area, trains parrots and dogs in-home for problem solving and obedience.
  • Denver Dumb Friends League - Articles on behavior, care and training for dogs, cats and other pets.
  • Eve's India: Family Pets - A guide to pet care with email and chats.
  • Exotic Animal Training School - Brian McMillan teaches people to handle and train exotic animals for careers in the animal industry at his ranch in Hollywood.
  • Family Animal Training - Dr. Larry Lachman, author of Dogs on the Couch and Cats on the Counter, offers training techniques for dogs and cats along with tips on how to cope with pet loss.
  • Find Pets Tutorials - A database of Pet sights with a search feature.
  • Introducing a New Pet - Tips to prevent mishaps between your new pet and your other pets.
  • Pet Behavior Clinic - Search by topic for solutions to your pet's behavior issues. Links to a trainer and a veterinarian for advice.
  • Pet Behaviour Consultant - Ms. Metheringham offers help with animal behavior problems and pet training.
  • Teaching Your Pet to Ride in the Car - Information on teaching your pet not to fear car trips.
  • Training Your Dog & What You Need to Know - Things You Need to Know Before Training Your Dog
  • Wolves and Wolfdogs - Wolfdog care, education, breeding and ownership information.

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