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Pet Resources and Links: Aviaries

  • Homestead Aviaries - Breeders and sellers of parrots, cockatoos, macaws, parakeets, senegals, and canaries.
  • C & L Aviaries - Breeder supplies such as scales and incubators as well as food, cages, toys, play gyms, lighting, and carriers.
  • Pet Bird by Up At Six - Comprehensive site with articles, avian artwork, associations and mailing lists. Lists of aviaries, sanctuaries, and online suppliers of bird products.
  • Blackstone Aviaries - Breeders of macaw, amazon, african grey and senegal parrots in California. Offers handfed babies for sale. Follow your chosen babies pictures as it grows online. Located in San Diego County.
  • Pet House - Manufacture hand-built hutches, runs, aviaries and bird tables, and dog and cat houses.
  • R. & T. Aviaries - Site of a finch breeder, with an emphasis on gouldian finches. Contains some photos and a price list.
  • Solely Solomon Aviaries - Specializing only in solomon island eclectus in Southeast Texas. Information about their aviary and the species.
  • Flying Gem Aviaries - New England area breeder of peachfaced lovebirds, available in silver, violet, pied, cinnamon, dutch blue, and green.
  • A and M Aviaries - Breeders of African greys, amazons, macaws, hawkhead parrots, and jardines, sun conures. Located in Miami.
  • Derby City Aviaries - Breeder of cockatoos, amazons, african greys, and conures. Located in Louisville.
  • Beach House Aviaries - Breeder. Pictures, information on general care and availability.
  • A Flight Above Aviaries - Information and pictures of the various species.
  • Pacific Arts and Crafts - Bird habitats. Flight cages, aviaries, perches, and toys.
  • Hill Country Aviaries - Rick Jordan and Darrel K. Styles, DVM.
  • UK Birdcages - Bird aviaries and breeding cages for keepers or breeders for parrots, macaws and finches.
  • Benden Weyr Aviaries - Specializing in Amazons and Conures.
  • Prairie Aviaries - A privately owned parrot breeding and research facilities. Located just east of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Corners Limited - Specializes in making custom cages for birds and other small animals. Produces a line of standard cages and aviaries.
  • Down Under Aviaries - Breeder offers pictures, genetics information, and articles on breeding, showing, and feeding.
  • Milkwood Aviaries - Provides information on hand-raised exotic bird availability and species, as well as aviary location and practices.

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