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Pet Resources and Links: Bird Breeders

  • Downs Bird Breeders - Club of bird breeders in Australia, purpose is to spread information about bird keeping.
  • Bird Hunting Central - Dove, quail, and pheasant hunting information. Includes resources for hunting leases, bird dogs, kennels and breeders.
  • Companion Bird Source - An association of MAP certified avian breeders/retailers. List of species available from one or more CBS members.
  • Minnesota Companion Bird Association - Bird club for parrot, and other pet bird owners, breeders, avian veterinarians, and businesses throughout the Twin Cities, Minnesota and the Midwest. Based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
  • AviMate - Windows software to assist bird breeders in bird husbandry, clutch tracking, contact management, and nursery stock invoicing.
  • Cage Birds - For owners and breeders of birds like finches, canaries, parakeets, cockatiels, and other hookbills. Basic facts, list of toxic or harmful plants and other resources for bird owners and breeders.
  • - Belgian and Dutch breeders offering mutations and show birds for sale. Many pictures.
  • Basic Bird Care Booklet - Guide to housing and environment, diet, toys, and safety. Includes information about the Great Lakes Avicultural Society, a club for pet bird owners and breeders.
  • The Checkcord Bird Dog and Upland Hunting Ezine - The sportman's one-stop site for upland hunting, bird dog training and competition information. Also contains links to various breeders and hunting service providers.
  • Game Bird Breeders Magazine - Pictures And Information On Raising Ducks, Geese and Swans.
  • Breeding Bird Species Of Nova Scotia - List with annotations for rare breeders.
  • UK Birdcages - Bird aviaries and breeding cages for keepers or breeders for parrots, macaws and finches.
  • The New Bird - Breeders of African greys, cockatiels, Goffin's cockatoos, and lovebirds. Located in Phoenix.
  • King Kohl - Supplies for Game Bird Breeders, Preserve Operators, and Poultry Raisers. Located in Ohio, USA.
  • Just Parrots - Bird supply store located in Renton, WA. Also selling birds from local breeders.
  • Mynah Bird Home Page - Articles, breeders, forums, classifieds and organizations concerning mynah birds.
  • Avian Biotech International - Providing bird owners and breeders with avian DNA -based sexing, fingerprinting and disease testing.
  • NetPets - Directory with sites and articles on bird, dog, cat, horse and fish covering products, services, breeders, clubs and societies, and general information.
  • - Offers a subdirectory address on the web for bird lovers, breeders and exhibitors with one free re-direct email address, website design and development.
  • CR Bird Farm - Breeders of poultry and pheasant specializing in hackles for the fishing industry. Pictures of some breeds sold. Located in Elk, Washington.

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