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Pet Resources and Links: Birds and Accessories

  • Bird Toy Man - Online shopping for bird toys and misc. items at discount prices
  • Arizona Bird Supply - Offering breeder supplies, toys, food, treats, cages, bowls, and accessories. Also bird care and behavior information.
  • Australian Pigeon Company - Range of medicines and health supplements for pigeons. Also health management programs and veterinary advice available.
  • Avian Biotech International - Provides DNA sexing, fingerprinting and disease testing on several species, obtain the results by phone, fax, e-mail or online. Order form requires Acrobat Reader.
  • Beaver Creek Aviary - Pellets, seed mixes and toys for all sized birds.
  • Bird Brain - Product line includes perches, toys, cages and carriers, food and supplies as well as training videos and other equipment.
  • Bird Supply and More - Offering food, treats, cages, toys and other bird accessories.
  • Birdie Boutique - Food, perches, cages, toys and supplies. Care information and chat with Dr. Greg about pet bird medicine.
  • Birds 2 Grow Aviary - Supplements, seed, medications, breeder software, insect foods, open leg bands and perches. Also various articles on bird care.
  • - Leading manufacturer and provider of bird toys, food, supplies, behavior information and other related items.
  • Birdthings - Products includes food, cages, toys, treats, carriers, perches, and books. Catalog and price list available in PDF format.
  • Birdy Works - Offers one-on-one help with behavior problems. Provides detailed assessment per email or telephone.
  • Breeder's Blend Bird Food - Food, water bottles, concrete perches and handfed cockatoos. Also general information about macaws and cocatoos.
  • C & L Aviaries - Breeder supplies such as scales and incubators as well as food, cages, toys, play gyms, lighting, and carriers.
  • Canaries n' Things - Breeder of show canaries and lady gouldian finches. Supplies for novices and breeders.
  • Clifford's Pet Supplies and Seed - Freshly mixed and packaged as well as custom-mixed and brand name seed diets along with cages, toys and other accessories. Also, reptile and small animal feed.
  • Elaine's Exotic Birds - Toys, foods, and other bird related items. Also breeder of some bird species.
  • Feather Fantasy - Product line includes cages, toys, perches and related items as well as breeder supplies, food, books, and videos.
  • Feathered Kids 'n Stuff - Products include toys, swings, perches, diet supplements, food, treats, and cage accessories.
  • Fine Feathered Friends - Cages, seed, toys, health care products and books. Boarding and grooming services. Breeders of various handfed species. Located in California.
  • Fine Feathered Friends - Discount bird supplies including seed, pellets, treats, cages, and toys. Offers local delivery as well as nationwide shipping. Located in Oregon.
  • Fowl Play - Offering toys, food, perches, books and other supplies.
  • Foy's Pigeon Supplies - Offers a wide range of products for pigeon fanciers. Order by phone, fax, mail or e-mail.
  • Gem Supplements - Supplier of natural racing pigeon products.
  • Gene Science - Offers DNA sexing from both feather and blood on several avian species, obtain the results by e-mail, mail, fax or phone.
  • Golf Course Road Aviary - An aviary in Texas which sells zebra finches. Shipping available all across the USA. Order by phone or e-mail.
  • The Grey Place - Product line includes cages, stands, toys, and food as well as books, jewelry and other African grey themed merchandise.
  • Hornbeck's - Cages, accessories, playpens and toys from small to large birds. Supplies for breeders: brooders, feeding instruments and nest boxes. Food, treats and supplements.
  • HotSpot for Birds - Parrots and other exotic birds. Nuts, incubators, air purifiers, heaters and cages. Articles on general bird care.
  • Jolley Feathers - Offering supplies, including food, treats, and toys.
  • Joybird Tees - An outfit that enables you to take your bird outdoors. Available in different sizes and styles to fit small up to large birds.
  • Kookaburra Pet Shop - Offers bird cages, food, and toys as well as products for health care and grooming.
  • - Manzanita branches and perches.
  • MountainView Exotics - Food, vitamins, cages, toys, playgyms and perches as well as books.
  • The National Aviary: AviGene - Offers DNA sexing on various bird species.
  • The Nature Chest Bird Shop - Products include seeds, pellets, treats, harnesses, toys and books.
  • Omar's Exotic Birds - Offering cages, bird diets, toys, cleaners, and supplies.
  • Parrot Playground - Avian product line includes food, toys, perches, cages, breeder supplies, and books. Also parrot information and chat.
  • - Avian food, toys, vitamins, medicine and bedding for finches to macaws.
  • Pet Bird Xpress - Offering toys, toyparts, cage accessories, food and treats, cleaners, and books. Also bird themed merchandise.
  • Pet Sticks - Natural stands and snacks, handmade from natural mountain manzanita.
  • Pet Tapes and Compact Discs - For training birds how to talk and sing.
  • Pinfeatherz - Toys, foods, sandy perches, cages and accessories. Also a cat chair and reptile starter kits.
  • Piper's Piece - Supplies including cages, perches, toys, feed and health products.
  • Racing Pigeon Auction - U.S. lofts offering their birds for sale on this auction. Bidders can register free of charge.
  • Roses Pet Emporium - Nuts, seeds and seed mixes, and other foods as well as toys.
  • West Coast Tropical Bird Studio Inc. - Cages, toys, foods, specialty lines, and other supplies. Includes a bird education center covering behavior, nutrition, and environment.
  • Whistling Birds - Three tapes to teach your birds how to whistle country, show or christmas tunes. From parakeets to macaws.
  • Wings N' Things - Accessories along with cages, perches, toys and books.
  • Wordy Birdy Products - Products to teach your bird to talk including a CD, cassette, video and a digital speech training device.
  • Your Parrot Place - Carries organic parrot food along with pellets, cooked food and seed mixes along with supplements, toys, perches, and other accessories. Articles are also featured.

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