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Pet Resources and Links: Dog Breeders

  • Dog Breeder Directory, Puppies And Small Dogs For Sale - Offers excellence in dog breeding in all variety of dog breeds including: German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Doberman, Bulldog, Poodle, and Chihuahua.
  • Irish Dogs of the 'Net - From an Affenpinscher to a Yorkshire Terrier ... the place to go for any information about dog breeds, dog breed pictures, pedigrees, breeders and owners in Ireland.
  • Golden Dox - Providing Pet information and creating well-organized, attractive Web sites for small business and personal use.
  • Dog Breed Information Center - By Sharon Maguire. Pictures, description, temperament, health problems and grooming information for all breeds. Search for breeds by size, need for exercise and specific qualities.
  • AATProfessionals Listserve - Practice Animal Assisted Therapy, or for persons who intend to use AAT after completing their degree programs, exams, licensures.
  • All Dog Breed Names with FCI Group - Listing of breed names in alphabetical order, with the FCI Group and the FCI Standard Number for that breed.
  • American Rare Breed Association - Breeds, shows, registration, from ARBA.
  • Australian Show Dog Ring - Join the ring for dog breeders, fanciers, owners and lovers of purebred dogs in Australia.
  • A-Z The Dog Breeds Alphabet - Links to breed information, clubs, breeders, e-cards, pictures, discussion lists, e-groups, webrings, all listed by breed.
  • Best In Show Web Ring - Webring for owners or breeders of Best In Show dogs.
  • BreederBase - Directory of breeders from around the world. Add your kennel.
  • - Find purebred dog breeders, clubs and rescue groups nearest you.
  • - Over 150 breeds covered, with regional, and breeder contact information, breed information and message boards.
  • Champion Puppy - Classified ads for AKC registered puppies. Also listing of breed clubs, rescue contacts and advice on buying a puppy.
  • Dog Breed Profiles - List of breed groupings for dogs, individual breed profiles and breeder directories.
  • Dog Breeder Online - Dog breeder and handler referral page. Includes show, breed club and rescue information as well as veterinary health issues.
  • Dog Breeders - Puppies for Sale & Wanted Directory - Online directory of dog breeders with puppies for sale and puppy wanted ads. Dedicated to matching canine lovers with caninebreeders worldwide.
  • Dog Breeds by Group - All recognized AKC breeds in eight variety groups.
  • Dog Breeds by Group - Links to breed specific web sites, presented by DogInfomat.
  • Dog Breeds Index at AcmePet - Dog breed profiles and pictures.
  • Dog Lovers Page - Dog breed information, presented by PetNet.
  • - Lists breeders of purebred puppies plus dog shows, clubs and professional handlers.
  • - Current news, laws and information regarding dogs and their rights.
  • Dogs in Canada - Online version of the magazine with breeder listings and breed descriptions.
  • DogSites Directory - Information on picking a puppy, training, dog sports, health, breeds, and rescue; world-wide breeders' directory.
  • Dogz Online - Guide to purebred dogs in Australia, and New Zealand.
  • DoozieDog Dog Breed Informations - Learn more about your favourite dog breed, or learn about one you've never heard of before. Including basic breed profiles pictures breed listings and more.
  • Find the Right Dog Breed - Find out about specific breeds, puppies, and choosing a dog that's right for you. Learn how to groom, train and maintain your dog's optimum health and nutrition. From Purina.
  • Guide to Italian Breeds - Covers 14 Italian breeds, with history, standard and photo, from Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana or E.N.C.I.
  • Guide to Japanese Breeds - 10 native Japanese breeds, from Akita to Shikoku.
  • Guide to Spanish Breeds - Razas Espaņolas/Spanish Breeds, from El Fascinante Mundo Canino, the Wonderful Canine World. In Spanish & English.
  • Hound Hunter in the UK. - Site for breeders, clubs and kennels and for prospective dog owners to find breeders in their area
  • Hundeinfo - The Internet database for pedigree dogs; list your dog, or search for other dogs.
  • International Breeders Index - Listings of breeders from around the world. Our index makes it easy to find a quality breeder in your local area.
  • K9 Source - Directory for dogs, clubs, rescue, trainers and handlers, and other areas related to dogs.
  • The Kennel Network - Listings of breeds and breeders, plus a free links page.
  • Pet Net's Dog Breeders Directory - Information, photos and links to top kennels.
  • Professor Hunt's Selected Dog Breeds - An introduction to various dog breeds.
  • Puppy Dog Web - Information about purebred dog breeds, classified and photo ads for pet puppies, show puppies, studs, rescues and more.
  • PuppySites.Com - Dog breeders, and links to related sites.
  • - Hosts breeders sites, and maintains links to hundreds others.
  • Rare and Unusual Breeds - Rare and interesting dog breeds of the world. From Carl Semencic.
  • Rare Breeds - In seven groups, from the American Rare Breed Association.
  • Rare Breeds - Dozens of breeds from the Rare Breed Network.
  • Rare Breeds Showcase - This webring is for breeder, exhibitor, owner, and other informative and educational sites geared towards the betterment of rare breeds.
  • TheDogPlace - Providing lists of kennels, shows, forums, health, and training.
  • UK Dogs - Starter area for people looking for information on breeds and breeders, residing in Britain and Ireland.
  • United Kennel Club Recognized Breeds - Listing includes both well known and rare breeds.
  • Walters and Shackles Guide to Dog Breeds - A British guide to more than 100 breeds of dog, with brief histories, and watercolours.
  • - Listings and links on all breeds, plus multi-breed and rare breed sites, and breed origins.
  • WorldClassDogs Purebred Dogs - 220+ purebred dog breeds, 7,000+ breeder listings and 800+ color dog photos, plus other helpful information.

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