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Pet Resources and Links: Exotic Pets

  • Animal Lovers Pet Shop - Specializing in domestic hand fed baby birds, reptiles, and small mammals, as well as supplies and accessories for all your favorite pets.
  • Animals Exotique - Informative site and animal care tips; list of exotic animals for sale, foods, cages, supplements and books.
  • Aquatics and Exotics - Pet supplies, marine and freshwater fish, reptiles, live corals and invertebrates.
  • Arachnocentric Inc - Captive born tarantulas and other arachnids. Care, price list and links.
  • Arnold's Exotics - Breeding Jungle Cats, Caracals and Servals and offering them for sale. Also a licensed, non profit Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility.
  • Baby Prairie Dogs - Each pup comes with formula, hay, timothy pellets, an adoption certificate, a certificate of Safe Capture and a prairie dog booklet created just for our customers. Located in NC.
  • Backwoods Farm - Backwoods Farm breeds pet and feeder rodents, as well as many other small exotic pets. Located in Florida.
  • Backwoods Farm's homepage - Backwoods Farm raises rodents, mealworms and many other small exotic pets
  • Brisky Pet Products - Specializing in products for hedgehogs, sugar gliders, ferrets, chinchillas, as well as other small mammals.
  • Chameleon Trade House - Chameleon Trade House, the chameleon specialist. Sale from the genus of Braypodion, Chamaeleo, Calumma, Brookesia en Rhampholeon. Sale of wild animals as well as captiveborn and farmbred animals. Import and export worldwide.
  • Easy Exotics - Pets and Plants - For Orchid growing advice, potting demonstrations, exotic fruits, Poison Arrow Frogs and other amphibians and insects.
  • - Exopets deals in invertebrate pets such as Tarantulas, Millipedes, Beetles and a wide variety of other invertebrates. Exopets supplies to hobbyists as well as schools.
  • Exotic Animal Finder - Exotic Animal Finder is a fee based service to locate exotic animals. Site also will research any topic of interest.
  • Exotic Animal World - List of several breeds of monkeys available for sale.
  • Greatest Sugar Gliders - The place to find everything you need to own for Sugar Gliders. Custom built cages, Sugar Gliders, and accessories. Bonding T-Shirts, Food and Pouches and Bird Cages.
  • Helen's Little Critters - U.S.D.A. licensed breeder with a wide range of exotic pets and price list. Located in San Antonio, Texas.
  • K & D Exotic Pets - Sugar Glider from a USDA-licensed, certified breeder. Dietary supplements, cages, toys, pouches and advice.
  • Keepers of the Forest - A CD-ROM giving the story and pictures of baby raccoons rescued and raised by a Florida couple.
  • Monkey Maddness - Monkey price list and pictures. Health certificate, shipping kennel and free service on care and training tips.
  • Petpourri - Exotic pets and supplies for snakes, lizards, birds, small mammals and other exotics.
  • Prickly Pear Exotics - Books, food and supplies for African Pygmy Hedgehogs.
  • Pygmy Pets Exotic Animals - Care, feeding, breeding and raising Wallabies as pets. Sites offers links, photos and availablity inquires. Sugar Gliders also available.
  • Short-Tailed Opossum - An Exceptional Exotic Pet. - Care and purchase information about the South American Short-Tailed Opossum.
  • Sioux Indian Art - Prairie Dogs - Sioux Indian Prairie Homestead's White Prairie Dogs. Also have the black tailed prairie dog available. Price list and shipping info.
  • Sugar Glider Food Store - Sugar glider and exotic animal supplies and information source. Manufacturer of exotic animal diets and supplements.
  • Sugar Glider Stuff - Sugar glider and small animal accessories including pouches, tents and play things.
  • Sugar Gliders - A Pocket Full of Fun - A company especially focussing on the design and manufacture of various products for Sugar Gliders as well as their owners.
  • Vivaria Projects - Custom-built vivariums, all animals, plants and supplies for a successful vivarium.
  • Wilton Pet Centre - Specialising in all types of cage and aviary birds and as well as reptiles including tortoises and amphibian accessories. Located in the UK.
  • Zoological Imports 2000 - Specializing in the import, export and captive breeding of exotic animals and pets, including sugar gliders, venomous snakes, pythons, turtles, tortoises, tarantulas, and lizards.

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