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Pet Resources and Links: Pet Owner Training

  • Agility Works Hurdles - Quality agility equipment for dog agility enthusiasts. We build and sell contact equipment, jumps, pause tables and weave poles.
  • The Agility Zone - Offering dog agility equipment, including weave poles, jumps, tables and other training aids.
  • Better Dumbbells for Schutzhund Training - Schutzhund dumbbells with a removable bite bar. This equipment is handcrafted from solid Ash for the dumbbell heads and Oak for bite bars.
  • Better Schutzhund Dumbbells - Idumbbells has engineered a dumbbell with a replaceable bite bar. Heads are solid ash, bar is solid oak.
  • Bow Wow University - Offering the latest information for pet owners in an easy to understand language on training, medical issues, nutrition, and more!
  • Canine Learning Center - A home teaching environment dealing with interactive behavior between human and animal including dog aggression. Free advice, plus fee-based phone and e-mail counseling.
  • Canine Sports Club - Dedicated to bringing you the best trainers in the wonderful world of canine sports. Scheduled seminars.
  • Detector Dogs International K-9 Training - Sales of law enforcement dogs, training of service dogs in drug, narcotic, bomb, explosive, arson, accelerant detection, tracking, and patrol. Also equipment sales, K-9 expert testimony. Gretna, NE.
  • Dobbs Training Center - Dog training accessories, whistles and obedience products as well as products for working dogs. Also training books and videos.
  • Dog Bark Silencers - The Ultrasonic Kennel Silencer (UKS) from TexMark is a safe and easy way to control most barking dogs.
  • Dog care, breeds, training and pictures - Educational guide to in-depth knowledge of dog's breeds their training and care and more.
  • Dog, Disc, and Wind - Dog frisbee multimedia CD. Tips for entry and intermediate level training with QuickTime demonstrations. Complete table of contents with most moves previewed.
  • Dog Dreams - Agility products and equipment, dog accessories and training supplies.
  • Dog Helpline International - Online help for any canine behavior problems from an experienced professional. Modifying problem dog behavior using proven and kind methods.
  • The Dog Training Store - Dog training equipment for the sportsman and serious hobbyist as well as the pet dog owner. Remote and anti-bark collars plus many related items of interest to dog owners.
  • Doggone Good - Offers specialty items for dog training, obedience, agility, travel, and fun.
  • Doggy Do Right - A box used in training with a sound program using high frequency sound wave forms that calms, quiets and relaxes a stressed dog.
  • The Dogskills Academy - Remote dog training systems.
  • Dogsmartz Dog Training - Dog training online by professionals who help you with the individual problems you are having with your own dog.
  • Dogtronics - Dog training collars and bark training products for every dog training need.
  • Eurosport - K9 training equipment at wholesale prices. A European based company just hitting the American canine training market.
  • - Flyball products for training or the owner. Free email, and team website hosting.
  • Foothill Flyers Agility Equipment - Dog agility equipment, jumps, collapsible tunnels, teeter-totters, A-frames, pause tables, dog walks, and weave poles. Also Australian Shepherd artwork.
  • Dog harness, Dog collar, Dog leash, Dog muzzle - Dog training equipment from Trusted Direct Source
  • Gameland Kennels Dog Training Center - Offers puppy pre-school, family dog obedience training, hunting dog training, rattlesnake avoidance training, and dog boarding.
  • Harddog's Requisites - K9 equipment for police, military, dog sport and personal protection training. Bite suits, sleeves, muzzles, collars and leads.
  • Innotek - Offering training and behavioral products for your canine companions. No bark collars, containment systems, remote trainers and supplies.
  • J and J Dog Supplies - Quality, dog-training equipment by catalog mail-order .
  • Just Dogs Records - Just Dogs Favorite Melodies: 2010. The first music CD of its kind. Enhances your dog's attention span for more effective training.
  • K-9 Agility Equipment - Agility equipment for the police, military and search and rescue k-9's, or the sport dogs.
  • K II Enterprises - Pet training, safety, and security products. Dazer stops dog bites, Tattle Tale, Pet-Agree trainers, Wonder Whistle leash trainer, EMF meter, Tridex 3 sided sawhorse.
  • K9 Sports - Agility tunnels and other dog training equipment along with dog-themed t-shirts.
  • K9Gear.Net - Working Dog Equipment for K-9's, Assistance Dogs, Schutzhund, KNPV, and others. Also free websites, email, classifieds and more for working dog people.
  • MarkOut Marking Housetraining System - Dog training system for housebreaking your dog. Proven dog training product and method to housebreak your male dog.
  • Nothwest Dog Agility - Offering dog training equipment for obedience training.
  • Over Rover - A line of portable agility equipment that is weather resistant and easily assembled.
  • Oz Dog Training and Supplies - Dog Training and supplies based on the science of operant conditioning. Find out what is taking the dog training world by storm, and find out how you can train your dog or modify behaviour, all without force or coercion.
  • Pet Tech Enterprises Wonder Whistle - Training device to stop dogs pulling on their lead. Just clip it between your dog's collar and leash. When the dog pulls, the device lets off a short high pitched whistle.
  • Petbehave - Offering training products to help stop barking, jumping and other pet related problems. Also offers secure ordering.
  • Ramona's Miracle Methods - Behavioral modification programs for your dog's behavior problems.
  • SportsTec Slinger - Innovative dog training and exercise tool.
  • Spot Named Dog - A complete house-training kit for dogs. Videotape, step-by-step manual, 2 special training leashes, 2 collars and an incredible natural enzyme odor and stain eliminator.
  • Zauberberg K9 Academy - Training and breeding of working dogs, schutzhund, obedience, protection, and drug detection.
  • Zygo-US, Inc. - Amtek is a line of humane training devices that use hi frequency sound to get your pets attention so you can better train him.

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