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Pet Resources and Links: Tropical Fish

  • Advanced Aquatics Tropical Fish - Livestock and aquarium accessories for sale online. Many more items available at their Los Angeles area store.
  • Age of Aquarium - Specializes in custom aquariums. Also offers a wide selection of marine animals and dry goods.
  • Anchofish, Inc. - Carries marine fish and coral reefs as well as live rock, inverts, lightning systems, test kits, and other dry goods.
  • Anchor Bay Aquarium - Rare and exotic tropical fish and plants. Also, books and fish food.
  • AngelsPlus - Show-quality angelfish, guppies, bettas and the supplies needed to maintain and breed them.
  • Aquacon - Saltwater fish, live corals, clams, anemones and inverts along with books and supplies.
  • Armke's Rare Aquarium Fish - Cichlids, tetras and catfishes from Africa. Also, plants, food, books and aquariums. TX.
  • CoralFarms - Solomon Island cultured SPS corals, clams and reef aquarium hardware.
  • Cquarium - Marine fish, live corals, invertebrates and all your reef aquarium needs.
  • Finz - Tropical fish trading cards.
  • Fish Mania - Freshwater, saltwater fish, food and supplies. Worldwide shipping.
  • - Marine fish, freshwater fish, corals, invertebrates and aquarium equipment.
  • Flying Fish Express - Aquarium information, news, supplies and livestock.
  • Global Aquarium Supply - Supplies and livestock for your reef or marine fish tank.
  • Jeff's Exotic Fish - Saltwater fish, invertebrates, reef equipment, filters, lighting, and pumps.
  • J&L Aquatics - Specializing in marine and reef aquarium equipment, supplies and livestock.
  • Laurel Mountain Angelfish - Offers angelfish, custom tanks and supplies.
  • Marine Depot - Hardware, food and additives as well as livestock and live rock/sand for aquariums.
  • Marine/Fresh System - Offers videos on how to setup a fresh water system that looks like a saltwater aquarium.
  • North Coast Marines - Livestock, including coral. Complete line of aquarium supplies and hardware.
  • Northeast Brine Shrimp - Live marine aquarium foods, equipment for raising your own, and new chemicals for maintaining a healthy environment. Also, plants and livestock.
  • Pacific Aquarium - Sell tropical, saltwater, freshwater, and African fish. Specialize in goldfish and koi, also sell all fish supplies.
  • Paps2000 - Captive bred cichlids, especially tropheus, and aquarium supplies. Also general fish information, tank set up, and services. Located in S. California.
  • Premium Aquatics - Text list of hardware and livestock for sale. Indianapolis.
  • REEFlections Aquaria, Inc. - Featuring livestock and corals for reef tanks, lightning systems, dry goods, filters and other accessories.
  • Sand, Sea and Sky - Fish food and aquarium products. Also chichlids.
  • Something Fishy Aquatics - Aquariums, filters and livestock.
  • - Extensive catalog of fish and aquarium hardware.
  • Trilby Tropicals - Hard to find and rare freshwater fish, live aquatic plants and hardware. Retail shop in Toledo, Ohio.
  • - Saltwater fish, aquariums and supplies.

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